The Real-Life Transition to Digital: Customer Case Studies
Abbott-Action has two years of single-pass digital printing experience. Join Chuck in a comprehensive review of YASSO’s race to market and how Wilson Language Training graduated to digital as he explains the entire process, cost analysis, and the advantages these companies experienced in making the switch from lithography to single pass digital
Understanding the Costs of Digital
See break-even models based on different assumptions to understand the critical cost differences between flexo, litho, and digital printing. Learn key techniques to lower costs by designing for digital and how to add value for your customer with digital printing and enhanced capabilities.
Maintenance Role in Digital Printing
It’s an inkjet printer, how much maintenance could there be? More than you might think. Digital does not mean “maintenance free.” Maintenance may seem an afterthought for a digital press. Often the attitude toward digital printing is hit the print button and wait for your printed sheet. After that digital press is installed, that mindset will change or your printer will go down rather quickly.
Your operators will have a rather long list of preventive maintenance tasks, every one of which will impact quality and productivity.
How to Turn Your Digital Printer into a Digital Printing Production Line
What peripheral equipment do you need for your digital printer? Introducing sheets to and removing sheets from the digital printer can make or break your operation. Learn what options are available, what questions to ask, and how to increase productivity by up to 50%.
Digital Work Flow- Information and Materials 
Receive an overview of tools and processes to make your digital workflow more effective and customer friendly. From the customer engagement to the production floor, create more profits and improve workflow.
Selling Strategies: Getting Beyond the Purchasing Agents & Marketing to the Brands   
You have a digital printer, now how do you educate designers and marketers and get beyond the purchasing agents. Learn about the trends that brands care about, from e-commerce to targeting millennials. 

How to Use Your Machine as a High Production Tool

This session will outline the critical steps necessary to create a plan for success with digital printing.

Sales Value Proposition for Digital 

A high-level overview and case study presentation of digital corrugated packaging applications on inkjet. See scenarios of creating more value from the same product, including some insight into the supply chain, color management, workflow, and operational activities. 

The Costs of Digital & Litho

With real-life examples, see how boxplants are justifying the investment in digital printers and the cost differences between litho and digital printing.

Lessons Learned when Transitioning to Digital

Take a journey though many of the decision-making points and processes, along with a comprehensive review of the surprises and obstacles that presented themselves on Tango Press’s road to digital production. Reality and Future of Color Management Systems for Packaging   

Finishing for Digital Packaging: Cutting & Creasing

Digital packaging has become an increasingly needed offering to answer the call of brand owners and purchasers with a desire for smaller production runs, faster speed to market, and greater variety in customization. Learn how digital finishing equipment providers meet these demands with similar yet differing digital solutions. See how digital workflows eliminate costly production steps and provide greater efficiency and profitability in this fast-growing market segment.

Reality & Future of Color Management Systems for Packaging

This session will review the status of color management systems (CMS) for packaging and identify the real needs in the industry. Learn what is missing and look at what should be developed by CMS creators in the future. Juan will also go deep and review the actual standards for color, what is being covered, and what is missing.

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